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Who is The Marriage Advice Blog for?

This site is for you –  if you who have the desire and the will to create and maintain a healthy and loving relationship.

This is for you –  if you are not afraid to change your mindset and take action.

Barbara’s Bio

I grew up in a loving house. After my father died when I was only 13, my mother remarried a few years later. Both marriages were successful, stable and loving. Both were different, but were based on the same principles of commitment and respect.

I’ve been happily married for 33 years, have 6 kids, 4 sons-in-law and daughter-in-law and grandchildren. The teenage years of each of our kids were roller coaster years that challenged us not only as parents, but also as a couple. However we learned to truly show a united front and choose certain pathways together in dealing with new and different issues, EVEN when one of us was not completely in tune with the other.

Pre-Marriage Advice

I have been a practicing Premarital Counselor for 15 years. When I dispense pre-marriage advice, I teach about respect and awareness of oneself and to one’s partner, and how the future spouse is perceived and treated. We speak about the reason that the couple is marrying, and how to build a life together emotionally and physically.

How to Save a Marriage

I believe that there is a reason why a husband and wife were originally attracted to each other, but over time, and with the pressure of daily living, this reason can be forgotten.

Every couple can choose to revitalize their marriage, but it takes perseverance, commitment, and belief from  both partners.

I really hope you’re ready to take the journey to save your marriage. Marriage Advice Blog was created to guide you in how to save a marriage and to help you rebuild your relationship. My advice and exercises are:

–   Time proven

–   Life validated

–   Simple to implement

Marriage Advice Blog is here to help you build trust and communication in your marriage. Don’t just read or listen to the content we provide, let it be a trigger for you to take action.

I would really like to know how you are progressing on your journey, so please feel free to leave comments and contact me.


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Barbara Firer

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