Recommended Resources to help you Fight Fair in your Marriage


Fight Less, Love More: 5-Minute Conversations to Change Your Relationship without Blowing Up or Giving In  Fight less Love more

–    by Laurie Puhn

A Harvard-trained lawyer and mediator shows busy couples how to identify bad verbal habits, instinctive responses, and emotional reasoning that cloud judgment and lead to the deterioration of  healthy relationships. Puhn presents simple 5-minute strategies that couples can continually employ when faced with conflict.

Spousense:  Identifying and dealing with the daily irritants that bug each of you and cause resentment is a great way to boost your marriage. This book provides 5 minute suggested conversations to help couples deal with their everyday bugbears. Contains very relatable scenarios that most couples can relate to.


Fight Fair: Winning at Conflict without Losing at Love    Fight fair

–      by Tim and Joy Downs

A common sense approach based on the issues we all fight about. The humorous approach and practical tips make it a winner.

Spousense:  A light approach to tackling the thorny issues in marriage. Pick up valuable tips while you laugh your way to an improved marriage!


The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Coping With Difficult People         Coping with difficult people

–      by Arlene Matthews Uhl

Strategies for dealing with difficult people, from strangers and co-workers to friends and family.

Spousenese: This book is a general guide to improving how you interact with people – useful for all areas of your life including your marriage. Useful and easy to read.


Fighting for Your Marriage: A Deluxe Revised Edition of the Classic Best-seller for Enhancing Marriage and Preventing Divorce  Fighting for your marriage

–     by Howard J Markman 

Fighting for Your Marriage is based on the widely acclaimed PREP (Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program) approach. It shows couples how to talk more and fight less, deepen and protect their friendship, and keep the fun alive.

Spousense:  This marriage advice book is designed to help couples to realise their behavior patterns and learn how to fight fair.


Connecting Through “Yes!”: How to Agree When You Don’t Agree to Get Cooperation and Closeness in Your Marriage  


– by Jack Ito Ph.D.

This book shows how to use agreement to transform the biggest areas of marital conflict into closeness, cooperation, and mutually desirable outcomes. Illustrated with clear, easy to follow examples, how to communicate about the biggest problems that couples face. Learn the techniques used to stop divorce, end affairs, deal with addicted spouses, solve problems, end blaming, improve dating, handle money issues, parent cooperatively, get out of debt, and more. This book is unique in offering communication training to couples when one spouse (or significant other) is not ready or willing to work on the relationship.

Spousense:  This book covers some very major issues. It does not shirk away from severe personal and marital problems. It is also designed for one partner to work alone at improving their marriage in a way that can turn it around. 

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