Recommended resources to help with Finances


Adams Home Office Budget Book                                                  Adams Home Office Budget Book

A real paper (NOT a computer) book with budget tracking sheets for  personal or company spending. Appendices include areas for recording expenses such as: tax preparation, investments, insurance and health expenses and building improvement projects.

Spousense: For all computer-phobes out there – real paper budget tracking sheets!


First Comes Love, Then Comes Money: A Couple’s Guide to Financial Communication    First comes love then comes money  

         –  by Bethany and Scott Palmer

An amazing amount of divorces are caused by financial infidelity. In “The Money Couple,” the Palmers reveal the ingredients needed before any financial plan can work – healthy financial communication.

This book helps couples ease into discussing financial issues that are often neglected.

Spousense: Discussing money can be difficult. This book helps couples ease into discussing financial issues which, left untackled, could affect their marriage.


Family Financial Workbook: A Family Budgeting Guide          Larry Burkett Family Financial   

–          By Larry Burkett

Larry Burkett was a well-known authority and author on business and personal finance issues. This is a very practical book . The chapters set out guidelines on how to set budget priorities and goals. It also contains easy-to-follow worksheets that allow you to map out and follow your income and expenses. Very well recommended.

Spousense: Easy to read and aimed at all ages and stages of marriage.


Personal Finance For Dummies               Personal finance for dummies

–          By  Eric Tyson

The author promotes strategies that reflect changing economic conditions, by having you honestly looking at your financial situation and setting realistic goals for the future. Includes how to track expenditures, reduce spending and high-interest debt, and covers the basics of investing.

Spousense: From the tried and trusted ‘Dummies’ series – keeps it simple and passes on sensible money management tips and ideas.


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