Recommended resources to help with Marriage Advice


The Relationship Rescue Workbook: Exercises and Self-Tests to Help You Reconnect with Your Partner    Relationship Rescue Book

–          by  Dr. Phil Mcgraw

 Dr. Phil, Oprah’s resident psychologist, provides questions, exercises and self-tests that will enable couples to get their love lives back on track. He shows readers exactly how to pinpoint problems in their relationships, and how to make sure that the changes they enact will truly last.

Spousense:  Hard-hitting but wise words – crammed with ideas to turn around a failing marriage or improve any relationship.


Save My Marriage Today              smmt-250

–          by Andrew Rusbach and Amy Waterman

Andrew and Amy’s in the Save My Marriage Today program is to arm people with tips and strategies to help prevent divorce. This information can help to rebuild an intimate and supportive marriage. Free Introductory Course on the 6 most common reasons for divorce plus the “Save My Marriage Today!” course which is not free.

Spousense: Comprehensive, sensible advice on a wide range of common issues in marriage. 


Complete Marriage Counselor: Relationship-saving Advice from America’s Top 50+ Couples Therapists   Complete Marriage Counselor

–             by Sherry Amatenstein

Combining the best advice from the best counselors across the country, this book offers advice based on counseling sessions with couples from around the country. The most asked questions have to do with sex and money, infidelity and communication. This guide features marriage-saving solutions.

Spousense:  This popular book llustrates common conflicts couples have from both viewpoints. Real life scenarios are outlined and a range of ways to tackle these are showcased. 


Dating Fun for Couples: 400 creative dating ideas for you to try        Dating Fun Book

–                 by Vern A. Jensen, PhD

Are you short on cash? Too busy at work? Distracted by the beeping of electronic devices? Whatever the case, if you’re not having regular date nights with your significant other, you’re missing out on all sorts of chances to keep the fun and romance alive.
But Dating Fun for Couples is here to help, with more than four hundred unique date ideas compiled by an experienced marriage counselor. Simply flip to the section that fits what you’re looking for, and this easy-to-browse resource will present you with a variety of ideas that will help any couple enjoy spending some quality time together.

The Complete Idiots Guide to a Healthy Relationship         A Healthy Relationship

–                 by Dr Judy Kuriansky

 When couples are distracted by life’s obstacles, it can be difficult to remember why you fell in love with your partner in the first place.  Learn about the four “Cs” beneficial to every relationship—compatibility, cooperation, communication, and commitment.

Spousense:  Tips for getting a sliding relationship back on track. Information and prompts for discussion with your spouse to build a stronger marriage.

What Do You Want from Me?: Learning to Get Along with In-Laws        A Healthy Relationship

–                 by Terri Apter

 When we marry, we believe the bond is between only two individuals. Few of us realize the power that in-laws exert over our lives. What Do You Want from Me? takes a fresh look at how the in-laws we acquire when we marry affect our quality of life—our marriage, family, personal comfort, and long-term well-being—for better or worse. Here is an essential book for husbands and wives, parents and children, seeking to strengthen the bonds of family.

Childproofing Your Marriage        Childproofing Your Marriage

–                 by Debbie Cherry

 It’s an increasingly common issue today—couples spend their child-rearing years nurturing their children at the expense of their marriage! Couples tend to think, “After the kids are gone, we’ll get to be a couple again.” In many cases, by the time the kids are off to college, so much distance has crept in that couples hardly know each other. But this scenario can easily be avoided! Divorces can be prevented and arguments avoided when couples discover the importance—and the principle—of being couple-focused rather than child-focuses. In Childproofing Your Marriage, Dr. Debbie Cherry provides easy-to-follow directions to help couples avoid the pitfalls of growing apart. Learning to nurture your marriage while nurturing your children is a priceless skill that may just save your marriage!

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