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Trailers to Video Blog Series

Positive Communication Course

Communication is important to any relationship, but positive communication is key to a happy, successful marriage.  In this course, you will learn how to use positive communication to strengthen your marriage.

 Self Esteem Course

It is often said that, “you must love yourself before you can love another”.  Your self esteem affects everything around you…Especially your relationship with your spouse.  A person with low self esteem will often have self-defeating habits. These videos will help you improve your self image and your relationship with your spouse.

 Finance Course

Arguing about money can quite literally tear a relationship apart.  It’s an area that has pressure points throughout the different stages of marriage which can sour the sweetest of relationships. This video series discusses how to handle some of the more important topics related to money within marriage, such as working as a team to create financial harmony, planning for the future and tools to take control of your budget. Hope you find it useful !

All marriages go through their ups and downs – from the highs of the wedding and the honeymoon period to the challenges of raising a family and keeping your marriage strong. One of the important challenges is at the beginning of the ‘second half’ of marriage. This the time after the kids have left home – the so-called Empty Nest Syndrome. ‘Empty Nesters’ are sometimes surprised at how much they have changed since they were last ‘home alone’. This video series highlights important challenges faced by Empty Nesters and provides practical tips on how to re-energize and re-focus your marriage.